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First sale on new website!

Small first come first serve sale of some ortho mods and WASD sets. Please excuse my crappy photography and animal hair in some pictures 😔😔. These pictures were taken prior to butt sanding and finishing. I am working on getting a proper photo setup for the next sale.


Follow me @_spacecaps_ to get info on future drops! Email me if you have any problems or questions about the site. I’m sure there are some errors. I just set this all up today!

[email protected]


One random customer from this sale will also receive a 20 cap grab bag. And free shipping on orders over $60


Somethings I am working toward in the future

  • Bigger ortho sets (more keys)
  • Full ortho keyset with alpha blanks included
  • Custom designed and resin cast Minivan case
  • Full 40/60 staggered mod sets
  • Commissions

Here are some pics from a few of my previous sales to show off the butts/stems and the custom base/emblem on every key. However these have the 1.0 mark. All keys in stock have the 1.5 base and now have a much more detailed and thinner emblem which is on my Instagram.